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Updated-10/2019 Carb-cycling this yr with body building! I have been on a long journey of weight loss since 2012 I started working out 5-6x/wk & lower carb lost 40# 4yrs but in Oct 2017 went thru a tough emotional battle that had me wondering why I was trying to look good for someone else, which I am still trying to recover from, so trying now to find the new me & be ok with who I am!

Latest activity

  • Good morning Friends!
updating my Instagram to @fitnesswithasimpleheart_yf bc all my family follow my @fitnesswithasimpleheart, just fyi!
  • Changed my pic to a better one!! Please pray for me to be able to hold it together! My baby boy & his kids (my only g-babies who are near) are moving 15hrs away.. his brother has offered him a new opportunity & I am grateful but of course very sad & now to also find out just now they aren't gonna be home this wknd til Tue when they leave (when I had planned to take them all out for bfast to say our goodbyes) but they are staying the entire wknd & Mon at her g'ma house😥 the boys are gone to their other parents til Tues morn, then they are loading up & leaving! I am so very sad bc my husband is so angry my son is leaving the biz he doesn't even care when they leave, I just want my own time with them bc I already only get to see my other g'babies 1x every other yr, now it will be all of them gone!😥😥
  • Lunch-
  Chick-fil-A 4pc nuggets w fries 
  1 bowl..about 1 1/2c Cheez-its bought them to share w my g'girls😥
  • Same, worked on cleaning & painting rental from about 8a-4:30p
Chicken chores til about 6p
  • Lunch- orange snowball & bag of cheddar chips
Dinner- hubs made me pasta 'how sweet'
  • Worked on rental again from about 8-6p
Then on chicken coop roost after I got home😉
  • My Fri/Sat got my girls! Sure gonna miss my g'babies when they leave next week!😥 I have 20 g'kids & these are my youngest son's, they were only ones who lived close, now they are moving 15 hours away with his brother😥😥 now will just be me, hubs & animals, really sux but can't say anything about it!..trying not to get depressed, bc we all know altho they say we will still come see you, it won't happen much, the only ones I was able to pass on Nana's skills or lil traditions😥 i no longer get to teach them how to cook, sew, garden, raise chickens..or even teach them about God, so gonna have to do some heavy praying, doubt I will get to see them even 1x a yr😥 I am lucky to see my others
  • Taco bell tsking break from painting
  • Happy Sunday!! Well covid test came back neg, but not sure if took too early, I feel like crud, I have something since Wed waking up sore throat & hoarse, this morn coughing up alot of discolored mucus😳 prob just a bug tho
Been busy week finally got my rental back & of course is horrible! Been working on that all week, eating fast food most days
  • Cream cheese cookie dough w sf choc chips
Prepped for my sweet tooth craving now & later! Ate about 2 Tblsp
  • Bacon ham-LC wrap