YouFood co-founders Alex and Peter have been friends and co-workers since 2010.

Our buttoned-up bio reads like this: Peter joined the team in 2007, when its Pasadena headquarters was three people strong. Alex joined a few years later after impressive stints at JWT and eHarmony, and together - Peter leading operations and later product, Alex leading the engineering team - we helped build a homework help juggernaut that was acquired by Chegg. After two years boosting the homework help business to triple-digit growth inside of Chegg, we left to start YouFood.

Our jeans and t-shirt bio reads like this: We're two guys who are passionate about fundamentally changing the health game for the better. We shared successes (and beers) at our previous jobs, but knew that starting a company together was the challenge we both sought. Once we knew that YouFood was the right mission and the right idea, we left our day jobs to make it happen.

  • Peter Simones, CEO & Co-founder
    YouFood username: @Peter
    • Best habit: Moderate portion sizes.
    • Worst habit: Ice cream. Moderately portioned ice cream, of course.
    • Favorite meal: Chicken w/ wild rice and applesauce. Minnesota roots!
  • Alex Bernier, CTO & Co-founder
    YouFood username: @Alex
    • Best habit: Avoiding processed and GMO foods.
    • Worst habit: Weekend splurges. Working on it!
    • Favorite meal: Pho or Korean BBQ. Can't I have two?